Thursday, November 15, 2007

Needed The Laugh

Temperature at departure = 35° F (2° C)

I'm a fan of 24 -- so I really enjoy 24 parodies. Someone pointed this out to me yesterday and although I don't condone a lot of stuff at the collegehumor site I laughed and laughed. If you like 24 or if you've been in the tech industry for a while you may enjoy it too. [I know, I know. It covers up some of my links and stuff. Still, it is too funny not to share.]


Noah said...


Zenith ZWL-184 "Luggable" with 2400 Baud internal modem + Trumpet Winsock + Sunflower Community Network + Acoustic coupler and cordless telephone = Wireless Internet

Warren T said...

Ah, memories... I recall trying to heft one of those things up into an overhead bin once. "Be careful when opening the overhead bins" indeed.