Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Temperature at departure = 44° F (7° C)

This piece of wire was Friday night's culprit.

I was geared up to start swapping around tires when I found this needle sharp wire stuck in the tire. It took a pair of needle-nose pliers and a good tug to remove it. So, I'm leaving the tires on the Mendota as they are -- just added another patch to the already once patched tube that was there. My guess is that with riding through all the construction junk at 103rd and Metcalf twice a day -- this is just going to be part of the routine.

This morning I missed being run over by just a couple feet as a careless driver turning left into the parking lot decided to cut a corner all the way over to the right. I jumped out of the way and found it kind of ironic that the parking lot was at the rehab hospital, the driver was a nurse and she had a bike rack on her car. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

Maybe her husband was the biker, not her.

Noah said...

I'd say a solid 1 out of 5 close calls I have ever had involved a vehicle with a bicycle rack on the back.

Noah said...

Oh yeah, it's worth mentioning that bicycle racks are usually for people who use their motor-vehicles to carry their bikes a mile down the road to the entrance of the multi-use path.

I haven't used my bike carrier to carry my bike in several months. I use it to hold my bike in the air while I clean its chain and tighten things up. :)

karen said...

This is Karen from SME class of '77, band (flute), Mr. Fords algebra class, KD house at K-State. I ran into Carolyn at a KC Jazz orchestra concert last winter, and I looked up your blog. Have been reading since then.
I've been bicycling to work the past three years nearly every day, and I can relate to everything you write about. Everything. I actually was "bumped" by a car that was exiting a parking lot last February, he was turning right, looking left, not right. I couldn't get out of his way. I was a little bruised up, bike bent up, but Bike America was great and took care of me.
I ride in Prairie Village, all on streets and some sidewalks, so I don't get to see deer, other than the one that crossed at 83rd and Mission Road late last fall. That was a surprise.
Great to be in touch again!

Warren T said...
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Warren T said...

Karen -- great to hear from you. Carolyn said she'd talked to you and I was hoping to see you at the reunion a month or so ago. There were only one or two other band people there...

CAT said you were commuting by bike. Great to hear. Drop me a note, I'd love to get a chance to catch up.

WarrenT913 at gmail dot com

[edited because of that dyslexia thing]