Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Relief For Sore Back

Temperature at departure = 31° F (-1° C)

A researcher in Overland Park, Kansas has revealed anecdotal evidence today that backpacks are actually good for your back. Local cyclist Warren T recently incurred a sore middle back after hours upon hours upon hours of bending over a sink doing dishes around the Thanksgiving holiday. The result was a very sore back that nothing seemed to help. Mr. T revealed that he was a bit concerned about strapping on the backpack that he normally wears for his bicycle commute but after his first ride found that his back was much less sore than it had been before he started his morning ride.

"It must have something to do with the pack's bottom pad being located right at the sore spot. This has worked wonders. I thought I was going to be out of commission for a few days but I'm back in the game without any medicine or other treatments."

Although "medical experts" are skeptical, T said he was happy with the results and would continue to wear the backpack and perhaps supplement that with coffee and M&M's -- LOTS of M&M's.


karen said...

I enjoyed this morning's post, though I'm sorry about your back pain. Wasn't this a fabulous morning to ride! I love weather like this.

Noah said...

I prefer to supplement it with a small piece of hershey's dark chocolate on the tongue, followed by hot, black coffee to melt it and wash it down. Pure. Bliss.

Glad your back is feeling better. I'm beginning to loathe my sweatpack, but I think it's probably a permanent fixture for my winter commute.

Fritz said...

Mr T, in addition to M&Ms, you'll want to read up on Product W, the "Ultimate Performance Enhancer."