Monday, November 26, 2007

Back To Work Again

Temperature at departure = 36° F (2° C)

We wrapped up the weekend with a birthday party for my youngest at the new Matt Ross Community Center in Overland Park. Three hours of swimming with eight 11 to 12 year-old boys. They were actually very well behaved. The water and air in that place was laced pretty heavily with chlorine, so we all took nice long showers when we got home. I thought that took care of it until this morning's bike commute.

If you're easily offended, please skip this next part:

Seems there was a bit of residual chlorine in my lungs which heavy breathing enticed to the surface. Also, I sweat a bit of chlorine out of my skin as well. Smells a bit like the swimming pool in my office.

...and we're back.

We thought we had been very creative having the party at the center, until we were told by a couple of the other parents that this was the second or third birthday party they'd brought children to at this site. So much for being original.

Anyway, like I said before, Thanksgiving was really nice this year, I got a bike ride in with Peter before he had to head back to school, Katie found out she is the understudy for one of the main characters in the next play at South and she and Jonathan were a big help at the party. I kind of hate having to go back to work...


Fritz said...

You sweated chlorine? Eww. That's pretty bizarre.

Jamie said...

Fritz, it's not that bizarre at all, actually. I was on my high school swim team, and when we'd go to gym class we'd smell like a chlorine factory after spending three hours a day in the pool for six days a week.

Chlorine is one insidious substance.