Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Okay, I didn't commute by bike yesterday because it was raining. It's really more than just my not wanting to get wet; two kids that didn't want to get wet meant running them to school and I'd had enough of the rain anyway.

This last weekend was Camporee (Boy Scouts camping with other troops) and Troop 257 invited our Webelos den to join them. It was cold to begin with but Saturday turned beautiful and the boys had fun with most of the activities. Saturday night we were prepared for the cold -- what we weren't prepared for was the rain. Rain wasn't in the forecast when we left. Sure we had our tents and rain gear (be prepared) but the tents I took are pup tents we've had since our two oldest were small. The rain started at 1:15 a.m. and never stopped on Sunday. It wasn't too bad for me until around 4:30 when I rolled over and found out that I was sleeping in a small pond of rain water. The tent floors have become rather poreous over the last 15 years.

You know, as much as I want to grump about being cold and wet, that is really, kind of, what we went out there for. Camping trips need some sort of adversity in order to have really good stories or memories. Perhaps we just want the bragging rights... Ask the boys about the trips that had picture perfect conditions and they don't remember much about them; but suffer through the heat, cold, rain, wind or snow and now you've got something to talk about.

Anyway, that is my excuse for not riding yesterday. Still, when I don't get to ride to work my attitude isn't as good and, for some reason, I eat more than I normally would; junk too. I'm rambling. Later.

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