Friday, October 06, 2006

More Lessons Learned

1) When a mosquito lands on your right wrist, taking your left hand off the handlebars to swat your right hand is not a good idea. Oh, you'll do it, it's just not a good idea...

2) Chewing gum while riding the bike path isn't a very good idea either. There must be something in the scent of your breath while chewing gum that makes small flying insects want to be right there in the middle of the action. Now, they do add a nutty flavor and some interesting texture to the gum, but you won't find that interesting for very long.

3) Always watch a Lexus. Other blogs I've read warn against the dreaded SUV; for me, the car that always seems to be the one that is going to cut me off or get REAL close is the Lexus.

Yesterday I mentioned that there were chipmunks everywhere on the ride in. Same was true on the ride home last night. This morning ... zero. So, I have two theories: they either have a very strong union and only have to work one day a week - OR - conversely, yesterday was a chipmunk holiday and the reason I saw so many was that they were out enjoying the day, this morning they are all too hung over from the "Chip N Dale Day" festivities last night.

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