Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Here Comes The Rain Again

I feel like such a slacker. No biking Saturday or Sunday due to chores that wouldn't wait any longer -- and today I chickened out because a) a quarter inch or less of rain early this morning and b) my daughter's marching festival tonight.

To be fair, we plowed through 18 large loads of laundry on Saturday and packed up Curtis to move him down to Peter's room on Sunday allowing Jonathan a room to himself for the first time in his life. Yesterday was nice riding weather but today, I wouldn't have the time to ride home after work and the wet pavement roads and bike paths wouldn't have been fun to navigate. It has been a long time since we've had a decent rain and today we had such a small amount that all it has managed to do is to combine with all the road oil and make the streets a slippery, dangerous mess. Lots of accidents on the roads this morning. The bike paths recently had the grass and leaves next to the path mowed and the crews that did the mowing blew all the debris onto the path. Wet leaves and oil soaked roads ... I decided to take a break for a day and drove the van.

I am going to do my best to still commute through the majority of the winter -- but am still waiting on the temporary path through construction over I-435. I really don't want to be riding in the dark and with the change to daylight saving time at the end of the month; it will be pitch black when I leave work. If they get some sort of path in place where I don't have to be riding in traffic, I'll keep riding. If they don't, even with my new flashy lights, I'll skip it for a while. The temporary route was supposed to be done in mid-September. I called the city on 9/15 and they told me it would be October. Called again the other day and now they are saying November. We'll see.

Here is another blog entry announcing the end of radio as we know it. Scroll to the bottom and it discusses how auto makers are going to make car stereos more iPod friendly. True, it would take a little market share out of the drive time audience, but, in my opinion, not nearly as much as they think it will.

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