Friday, October 20, 2006


Temperature at departure = 37° F (3° C)

Perhaps I'm being too much of a newbie when it comes to the colder weather riding, but I'm really enjoying it. Beautiful fall weather today, plenty of sunshine, leaves turning colors - lovin' the ride in. Why didn't I try this before? I'm staying REALLY warm with just a tee shirt and jacket on. We'll see if the honeymoon is over when it drops below freezing next week -- but I think I'm still gonna love it.

The ride home should start with temperatures close to 70° F (21° C) but there'll be an issue. I noticed several "Additional Event Parking" signs as I was navigating through the round-about [pictured above] by the convention center this morning. That means some convention is starting and there'll be additional traffic about, including busses and cars that aren't quite sure where they should be going and how to get around this circle thing... I'll just keep my eyes open and take my time.

So here is my new experiment: I'm going to try to modify my traditional, left arm out with the 90° up angle at the elbow, right turn signal. Some guy returned my "wave" the other day and I just get the feeling that some people don't understand that the signal means I'm going right. I'm going to endeavor to just point right with my right arm -- but this 40+ year habit may be tougher to break than I thought.

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