Friday, February 29, 2008

Beautiful Friday

Temperature at departure = 40° F (4° C)

From the recently discovered Lost Prophesies of Nostradamus:

Awake! for a Lion roams,
Along the highway,
O what mystery, this,
Upon two, not four.

Scholars have recently determined that the meaning of this quatrain relates to the section of the Indian Creek Bike Path which is scheduled to re-open this spring. The lion possibly relates to the astrological sign Leo, meaning that the path actually won't be open until July or August.

Okay, I admit, I made this up. But here is the state of the path as it stands and they still have to complete the section of 435 that will be over the path.

They've been more than optimistic in the past. They were about 5 months behind on getting the detour for this section in place. No complaints though -- as long as they keep the detour open, I'm happy.

On the way in today, I realized that I may be the doppleganger for Fritz's pal Dorky Doug. Let's see:

He wears a helmet, high vis yellow jacket and reflective pant straps.

Check, check and check.

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Fritz said...

It's not the outfit that makes him Dorky :-)