Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Recycling Cycling

Temperature at departure = 15° F (-9° C)

On the way out the door this morning I decided to make up a lunch-time errand to ride to the recycling center and grabbed some cereal boxes and magazines, as many as I could fit in the rest of the available space in my backpack. I freely admit that this trip served no purpose other than getting me out for some extra miles today.

A couple good things came of it though -- in checking out the route in Google Maps, I noticed that Street View has now been added for much of Overland Park. Also, there is a .8 mile stretch with a 25% grade that was a pain to ride up ... but a BLAST to ride down. I stayed steady, coasting at 30.8 MPH for 2 minutes compared to the grinding 5+ minutes it took to go up the hill. Fun!

Okay, I can tell that I'll be wasting some time later this week poking around in street view.

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