Saturday, February 02, 2008

That's More Like It

One week later and 7° warmer. It was nice to see some more bikes in the rack at the library. Looks like there was only one other adult sized bike there -- but still, it was good to see that the kids who rode didn't have to rely on mom or dad driving them.

I was a beautiful day. 40° at Noon when I started out. Library, my Dad's and the long way home for a little over 21 miles of bliss.

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Noah said...

Let's see, which one is the commuter bike... Oh wait, the only one with a light and a bell!

On a side note, that blue Next bike is identical to the one that I broke in six weeks but managed to revive my passion for cycling regardless.

Although Dynacrap changed the name of the bike from Power X to Power Climber, rest assured it's the same thing. And had mine been assembled by someone that knew what they were doing, I'd likely still be riding it (but I'm glad I'm not)