Monday, February 11, 2008

Nice to be Back

It was certainly nice to get back home from Dallas. Peter came home from K-State for the weekend and wanted to go on a ride (that's him above). We'd thought about going 20 miles or so, but he is suffering from a cold so we cut the ride down to 6 miles. I hope it didn't make his cold worse...

Anyway, I then rode to my dad's and back because the week out of town is seriously going to hurt my chances of making my meager mileage goals for this month. I'll try to play catch up again today because I'm taking the day off and need to run some more errands with Dad. Temperatures in the teens so, I'll bundle up.

Speaking of goals; if you'd care to indulge me, I'm testing out a new feature in Google Docs -- Forms and would love to have you help me test it. Pretty simple, just click the link and fill in your first name, February mileage goal and miles ridden thus far. Here is the link: LINK

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