Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ice Storm, Round ??: Won

Temperature at departure = 17° F (-8° C)

Dave at work: "You can not tell me you rode your bike in today." Yep, I did.

It is an absolute mess out there with a combination of freezing rain, snow and sleet. Accidents all over the place. My wife might have been thinking of contacting Jamie Spears to get tips on how to do that conservatorship thing. I tried to convince her that I was going to be safer on my bike than I would driving and agreed not to ride the extra loop.

The non-treated surfaces were a breeze. Kind of crunchy, actually. And with not another soul to be seen on the bike path, I had a very enjoyable ride in this morning.

This is the path around Founders Park. At this point the ice was bouncing off my helmet pretty good and although I almost veered off to put in the extra 3 miles, but I kept my promise.

Oh, Dave, forgive me if I post this here ... I told Dave "Let me put it this way; I had fun on the way in to work today ... how was your trip?"

As a way of trying to make that up to Dave, I'll post a link to his new blog. Sorry dude.


Dave Alexander said...

I noticed you left off my response to that question, which was less than pleasant ;). Times like these I envy you, especially after coming home this afternoon. I guess there are still people in Kansas City that will never learn how to cope with driving on ice.

RCrow said...

Hey, did you get my email? I need you to send one to me... to make sure I have your address right.

"Ride On, Bro"