Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wherefore Art Thou Spring?

Temperature at departure = 6° F (-14° C)

A new record low temperature. Beat the 7° F record of 1/2/08. Yippee. I could have sworn that the temperatures have been below 20 all winter long -- but in checking the data I see that my morning commutes have only been in temperatures of 19 or below 13 days (last year there were only 6 days below 20).

My toes actually stayed warm the whole way in; the only part of my body that started getting too cold was the index finger on each hand. They got down right tingly. The other odd note, my front shifter froze on me for a while. I clicked the thumb button and ... nothing. No resistance at all. After a half mile of flicking the button, I finally got up to the biggest front ring and stayed there. Yep, things get a little sluggish at these temperatures. Now, where's my coffee!?!?


Noah said...

To: Warren T
From: Noah
Subj: Re: your last sentence

Get out of my head.

Anonymous said...

Hey Warren! You'll never guess who. I got your blog info from Mark R., we used to work together at CCC back in the 1990's. I am living and working in Amsterdam these days (since 3 years) and bicycle everyday in this bicycle-crazy country. Loving it!!! Just thought I would drop a line and say hello! From, Melissa J. (email

Warrne's friend John said...

Try some tri-flow (lube+cleaner) in the guts of the shifter...been having the same problem. Super-cold + gunk/dirt makes that shifter just a cheap thumb-exerciser. Usually 2-3 sprays will last a few weeks until you can really get in there and clean it.