Friday, February 15, 2008

Indian Creek Bike Path - Antioch Detour Closed

This is the Indian Creek Bike Trail detour on Antioch road, on the west side of Antioch, going over 435. It would have been nice to know about this prior to riding right up to it this afternoon.

If you're riding south on Antioch, you just have to pop over into traffic for 58 yards. If you are trying to head north, like I was, you are faced with three options:

1) Jump into the south-bound lanes and ride against the flow. [Very dangerous]

2) Go back south to the cross walk at 108th Terrace, cross Antioch and use the sidewalk to go north to Country Club Drive where you can swing around and rejoin the bike path. [Annoying]

3) Head out into hostile territory and cross ~6 lanes of traffic to get the the far right-hand, north-bound lane. [A little nerve-wracking]

I went with option 3.

I am fairly sure this will be fixed within a few days. If, however, it is still closed a week from now, I'll start sending e-mail notes to my contact in the city of Overland Park offices. I'll also post an update when the way is clear.

1 comment:

Noah said...

I think you forgot the "ride against traffic with a rocket-propelled grenade launcher on your shoulder" option. This would be, by far, the safest way to go. Or at least the most intimidating. Then there's the option that your friends at Public Works will suggest: "Oh, for Pete's sake won't you just DRIVE like everyone else?!"