Monday, March 03, 2008

I Kid You Not

Not to bore you with my work stuff, but I though this one was worth passing on. I was on call this last week and received a call Saturday night from a guy who's radio station was off the air. When I asked him what the issue was he told me the computer that runs the station caught fire. He told me they'd had a problem with a power supply smoking a year or two before, but this time it was an actual fire inside the chasis. He told me he thought it had "something to do with bugs in the system."

There was an uncomfortable silence after I replied "Bugs?"

"Yeah, this box is out at the remote transmitter site and the thing was loaded with dead bug bodies. I think some of them maybe caught fire."

I'm guessing the warranty is going to be void on this baby.


Noah said...

Because sometimes debugging requires a can of Raid, not a compiler.

Fritz said...

You know the story about Grace Hopper and the original "computer bug," right?

I got a $500 check from my former insurance company a couple of months ago. In 2001 I lost my home to fire, and investigators traced the cause of it to a computer power supply that ignited. The $500 was a refund of my deductible that I paid after the computer manufacturer settled with the insurance company for the damage, so don't rule out any product warranties.

Oh, they're my FORMER insurance company because they declined to renew my policy after the fire. Grrrr....