Monday, March 03, 2008

Iowa Winter Cyclist

Temperature at departure = 28° F (-2° C)

Yet another incredulous article about someone who, *GASP*, rides their bike to work in the winter. This one comes via the Iowa City Gazzette Online.

Don't get me wrong, the article is nice enough and even has a video that does a good job of profiling a winter commuter ... I just get tired of all these articles being about people who haven't owned a car since -- forever.

The message I get from these articles is that you have to sell your car if you're serious about commuting by bike. I still drive; more than I like to admit. I would love to see a feature on someone who says they commute by bike because it is fun and that you don't need a lot of special equipment to ride a bike.

You see what happens when I don't get to make my mocha latte in the morning!!!


the old bag said...

Or, what about news from someone who drives ONLY to get to and from work...but bikes everywhere else: grocery store, library, movies, supper, breakfast, book store, hair cut....

Warren T said...

Even better. Excellent point.

dvicci said...

I, too, tire of these types of articles. Sure, it's impressive and all, but I don't buy into the idea that if I don't cycle everywhere, I'm somehow the lesser for it. I agree, that's the message these sorts of articles seem to spread. Do it always, or don't bother.

No thanks. I drove today. I didn't feel like not having fun in the cold wind. It's looking pretty cold the rest of the week. I may ride, or I may not. I've worked hard so I could have that choice.

I ride for me and mine, not some larger cause.