Monday, March 31, 2008


I am sure you'll all forgive my recent absence. I'll just say that I'm spending every spare moment with my dad while I've got the opportunity. I've got a few moments today, so I will bring up a conversation I had with the hospital a couple weeks ago when I called to find out if they had any bike parking.

Hospital: X X Medical Center, how may I help you?

Me: I was wondering if you had any bike parking available.

Hospital: You mean, like, a motorcycle? You just park in a regular space.

Me: No, a bicycle.

Hospital: Um, you're going to ride your bicycle? Um, I don't know. Hang on. (Muffled) This guy says he's going to ride his bike here and wants to know if we have a place he can park it. [pause] No, a BI-cycle. [pause] I know. (No longer muffled) I don't know if we do.

Me: Who takes care of parking problems there?

Hospital: Um, let me get you security.

I then spoke with a helpful gal in security who said that she thought there might be a bike rack on the bottom level of the covered parking. I thanked her and when I rode to the hospital I did find the lone bike rack in an area that I didn't feel comfortable locking up.

I decided to lock it up next to the front entrance. Easier to get to. The railing I locked up to couldn't be picked up along with the bike - and - the security cameras regularly sweep past the spot.

Yeah, much better.


Noah said...

Overland Park Regional certainly doesn't have this problem. Under the covered main entry circle drive, visible from the lobby:

Sadly, I've had to lock up to that rack an awful lot lately. I can't say I know exactly how you feel (my wife isn't apparently in imminent peril) but I can sympathize.

Your family is in our prayers.

Noah said...

By the way, I have gotten lazy. The ER Entrance doesn't have a rack and it's a bit of a hike. I'm no stranger to railing lock jobs.

Joel said...

Ran into the same issue over the summer. I had to head to a local hospital every few weeks to plan an exercise (pandemic flu response) and the first time there I asked the valet parking guys about bike parking (sitting on the bike) and got a blank look. I just cabled to one of the posts in front of the place.

I hope things go well for you.

Fritz said...

At hospitals I typically lock up at a railing just like your photo shows. Some creativity is often required.

My grandfather is in hospice right now -- it's a matter of days for him. He's 83 years old and ready to go, but it's still tough for the rest of us.