Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Progress on the Indian Creek Trail

Temperature at departure = 34° F (1° C)

A week ago this closed section of the Indian Creek Trail, at Antioch in Overland Park, was still a mess. I was happily surprised to see that they've been putting some serious effort into getting it open. Here are shots from this morning's commute with the obligatory shot of my bike (sorry Noah, I don't think I hit any of your ten points).

This section, which runs next to I-435, was closed on July 5, 2005.

If someone were to ride down the closed section of the trail on the other side they would see something like these (what I'm calling) "artist conceptions" of what the new section running under I-435 looks like.

They've even added lights and widened that part of the path.

I am eagerly awaiting the re-opening.


Noah said...

It looks open to me. *breaks out The knobby tires*

I can't wait for that mess to finally get figured out. By the way, I had to stop, right there where your bike is in that first picture, to put my gimp chain back on my road bike's cassette after I trashed the derailleur. And I saw what I believe is the exact piece of glass (among a sea of similar pieces) that you photographed recently.

I've seen tow-behind snow plow contraptions for bikes. I've seen front forks mounted to lawnmowers. I think we need to invent the MUPSweeper 3000. A fully self-contained bristle brush that goes right on your fork with a QR Skewer. Two-stroke gas powered vacuum attachment and debris bagger not included.

Warren T said...

I've actually considered just carrying a broom some day and pushing everything off to the side. Also, thought it might be a nice service project for my two youngest son's scout troop ... but the stretch that runs back up the hill to the east by the golf course is pretty messy as well (as you probably noticed) and it would be too big a job by hand.

Might be time for another e-mail string. [sigh]

Tim O said...

I walked along the 'closed' part of the trail and the big tree across it would yield to a chain saw or two. Anyone want to be adventurous?

Noah, need to talk to you sometime, I inadvertently did 56 miles today :) Film at 11....