Monday, April 23, 2007

Mendota is Here

Temperature at departure = 54° F (12° C)

Saturday morning I took my bike into Bike America to get the spokes on my back wheel fixed and was happy to find out that the Gary Fisher Medota that I'm supposed to review for CommuteByBike was in. I'd hoped to get a nice ride on the trail in with Peter, who was home for the weekend. Saturday's weather was beautiful and we took the Indian Creek Trail to State Line and then decided to see how far into Missouri it went. We passed Watts Mill, Wornall, Holmes and the trail ended at 99th -- two miles into Missouri. The 16 mile round trip was a breeze; we saw kids catching fish just below the falls at Watts Mill (pictured above), stopped for a cold drink at the QT at 103 and Wornall where we used to always get gasoline when we lived in that part of town and it was a nice chance to spend some more time with Peter before he headed back to start getting ready for finals in a couple weeks.

40 MPH winds kept me from riding to my Dad's yesterday, so I drove. I forgot the camera and really wouldn't have been able to get the shot of my Dad's tulips that I wanted anyway -- they peaked the week before and the winds the last few days finished them off. I wanted to show you a picture of them because I think they are amazing. I've grown tulips over the years and they seem to make it 3 or 4 years before they just refuse to come back. My Dad's tulips have been coming up for more than 50 years! I'll have to remember to get a picture of them next year.

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