Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Boys Are Back

Temperature at departure = 54° F (12° C)

Actually they never went far ... just a little deeper in the woods, but our herd is back. There are several young bucks that come up to the office to feed for a bit (the shot above is from yesterday afternoon) and then hang out around the bike path during my trip home in the evening.

Here is your WT Fun Fact of the Day ... some small winged insects have a nutty flavor.

I am going to try to remember my camera tonight; there is a house with a sculpture that I've wanted a picture of for a long time and since it is right next to where JLT has his trumpet lesson, I want to grab a shot of it to share. Have a great day!


A Midnight Rider said...

Riding my bike without my camera makes me very uneasy. If I'm not too far away, I turn back.

MRMacrum said...

In our neck, the deer come out of the deeper woods and bed down during much of the winter in the puckery back section of my property. That is if we have our normal amountof snow. This winter, the sboow hit us at the beginning and the end. @months in the middle were basically dry. The deer stayed in the woods. The ground was bare and forage easy to find.

Fritz said...

A friend of mine grew up as a missionary's kid in Africa. He's eaten winged insect. He never mentioned anything about the nutty flavor.