Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bikes + Art = Bart?

Temperature at departure = 46° F (8° C)

I mentioned yesterday that I have been wanting a picture of this for a long time. I first noticed the bikes around 4 years ago when there were only two bikes. I believe they add something each year -- this year's addition is the wagon. These bikes make me smile everytime I see them. If you're in the Prairie Village, KS area -- you'll find them at the corner of 71st and Tomahawk; Tomahawk is a VERY popular road for cyclists in the area.

[You can see the full size shot by clicking on the image above or clicking on the marker and following the link on the map.]


Tim O said...

I have a pic I need to drag out of bike sculpture in St Louis that I ran across....while looking for a bike store :)

I'm a friend of Noah's so I looked at your site after seeing a couple of comments. I work in Corp Woods, do you?

Warren T said...

Yep! Love having the office just off the Indian Creek trail. I only have to ride in traffic for 0.7 miles and that is all residential.