Friday, April 06, 2007


Temperature at departure = 30° F (-1° C)

I'd turned on the radio in the kitchen this morning so I could catch the forecast while I was making the boy's lunches and my daily mocha latte. I caught the lead story; something about Sheryl Crow going on tour in a biodiesel car to warn college students about global warming. I had to chuckle as the first sentence of the next story went like this: "Mom is going to have to trade in her Easter bonnet for a fur-lined hat this Sunday as we are expecting a record low temperature."

Circumstances conspired to make my departure a tad late this morning. I debated whether or not I should take the extra 2.5 mile loop. I thought I should try to bump up my speed to just get in early and try to re-re-adjust my attitude this morning. So, what did I do? I decided to not even look at the computer while I was riding and just take a leisurely ride in, for once. It helped the attitude (a little) and, really, I only dropped 0.6 MPH on my average and added an extra one minute and 20 seconds of time to reflect on the day. It is Good Friday, after all, and a great day to reflect.

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A Midnight Rider said...

One of my two bike is definitely not built for speed. I sometimes set it to show the time of day because it's discouraging looking at the speed, or lack of.