Friday, July 20, 2007

What Did I Do?

Temperature at departure = 74° F (23° C)
Humidity = 84% (drippy)

I would like to believe that I am a reasonably approachable guy. Even when I’m riding on the bike/hike path, I try to be courteous and considerate of the pedestrians and other riders. I make sure that people that I’m approaching from behind know I’m there; I ding my bell and say good morning and pull as far to their left as possible. When I’m meeting someone head on I make sure I hug the right side of the path and I keep the pace nice and slow around the walkers.

So, what was the deal this morning? The first pedestrian I encountered turned around to look at me when I dinged and said good morning and promptly hurried three feet into the grass at the right of the path. I shrugged it off and continued. Pedestrians two and three were enjoying a morning stroll together and even though we were heading towards each other, I dinged again, slowed down and said good morning. They scurried off the path about 4 feet into the grass. Weird.

Now I’ve got several thoughts running through my mind: Do I resemble a photo of some criminal that they’re showing on the morning news? Did I cut myself shaving and miss stopping the flow of blood? What?

A little further down the path I see that I’m going to overtake a young woman out for a leisurely ride; great, what do I do to NOT scare her? I ding my little bell and say “Good morning, coming up on your left.” She rides off the path into the grass. I just don’t get it. I take the loop around the park to head back towards my building and as I’m getting back to where the loop rejoins the path where I got on and I notice there is another cyclist coming towards me from the other side of the loop; it looks like we’ll meet at the junction. Nope, the guy stops and turns around to pedal back the other way. Further on the gang out trimming trees along side the path hustle out of my way and I just want to get to my office and let the world get back to their own business.

I still don’t get it. Now, WHERE’S MY COFFEE!?!?!


southtj said...

I don't understand people. If I try to warn them that I'm "passing left", half the time they jump left into my path. If I say, "on your left", same thing. I don't want to yell, "stay where you are, I'm passing on your left." I'd already pass them by the time I said all that. I wonder if people view your bell ding like a horn honk. They think there is someone in a hurry coming and must get way out of your way.
Another thought, did you remember to wear pants that day? Just a thought.

A Midnight Rider said...

They think your a conservative and your scaring them.

Kiril The Cycling Dude said...

No, they would more likely think U R an Environmental Wacko, than a Conservative, and THAT'S what spooks them.

Afterall, a CONSERVATIVE Cyclist?

Who's ever heard of such a crazy thing?