Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lenexa Midnight Bike Ride, part 2

Temperature at departure = 76° F (24° C)

I've been trying to find a news story to link to regarding either the Lenexa Midnight Bike Ride, or the activity that occurred during the ride. No news to be found. So, apparently 4 people can get together on a corner to protest something/anything and get coverage, but > 1,000 cyclists just isn't news worthy. Not that I'm bitter...

Around 4 miles into the ride I noticed a helicopter overhead. Cool, I thought, I'll have to watch the news later in the morning to see if they show some shots of the ride. Time and miles went by; around 2 miles from the finish one of the volunteers stationed at an intersection yelled to us that the next major intersection might be closed off due to a high speed chase the police were involved in. Up above we still see the helicopter, but now I notice it is shining a spotlight on the ground. Close by. Where we are riding.

We made it through the next intersection without event. A few more blocks go by and we noticed some officers walking between a couple industrial buildings -- the helicopter is now shining its light on and around the officers. We picked up the pace just a hair...

So, I can't find any news about the Lenexa Midnight Bike Ride or anything about the police searching for a fugitive in the area. All I know is it added just that much more excitement to the ride.


martinoffroad said...

I think all the news media are usually posted out on the eastside of KC for the next shooting at midnite or later, hence no news media story from Lenexa.
I also saw the helicopters, I just hurried up with the ride to get back home, I was pulling my girlfriends grandson on a tag along, hit all the hills including the cave, since I was doing the Northland Delights later, got to bed at 2:45am and was up out of bed at 5:30am to ride 62 miles. Still playing catch up on my sleep this week.
The new route was awesome since it eliminated a majority of the train tracks.

Noah said...

I kept shining my bright helmet-mounted NiteRider at the black helecopters. Remind me to wear my tinfoil helmet next time.

As I said on my own blog comments, "Paranoia is an imaginary concept that was invented by people who are too lazy to be careful enough for the given situation."