Tuesday, July 24, 2007

TdF Games

I'm taking a few vacation days this week and riding the bike more than I normally do. Peter and I took a ride on the trail to try out his new (new for him at least) Diamond Back hybrid. There are a few parts that need to be replaced, but he loves fixing up older bikes.

Curtis and I actually watched the end of stage 15 live yesterday. Last night he decided to go spend the night with a buddy, so we hopped on the bikes and headed over. I've never seen him peddal that fast before; I actually had to try to keep up with him a couple times. As we're headed up 99th he yells back to me "Dad, I'll be Contador and you be Rasmussen." Zip, off he went.

We met up with his buddy (also on his bike) about a mile later. As we headed to the friend's house, Curtis said to his friend "You be Rasmussen and I'll be Contador." "Hey," I shouted, "I thought I was Rasmussen." The reply made me chuckle a bit: "I guess you can be Leipheimer." I guess you can tell who his favorite is...

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Noah said...

Can I be Vino?

Oh, wait.