Monday, July 09, 2007

Back To Work

Temperature at departure = 77° F (25° C)
Days until school starts = 38

It was a great weekend! I got a bunch of yard work done that needed attention, meals for the next two weeks planned, got to spend some time relaxing on the newly cleaned off back porch and got some extra miles in on the bike. I even spent some time watching the Tour de France.

I'm running a bit behind on my cycling goals for this year and just passed the 1000 miles mark for 2007 yesterday. I'm going to quickly place the blame on some business trips and all the rain we've had this year (excuses, excuses). I'll pick up some more extra miles this weekend as Peter, my buddy John and I are riding in the Lenexa Midnight Bike Ride. Should be cool and I'm looking forward to some Chris Cakes at the end of the ride. I believe Noah said he'd be there too ... hope to see you dude.

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Noah said...

Give me a call sometime after 10:00 PM the night of the ride. I'll probably just ride all the way to the start point, since I live around 87th and Quivira now. I'll e-mail ya my phone # and we can meet up.

It'll be another long night. I have to run Audio/Video/Lights at church, including the hour or to it takes to set up our nomadic configuration at Olathe East HS.