Friday, July 06, 2007


Temperature at departure = 76° F (24° C)

Although I recommend against it, I enjoyed watching one of the mythbusters drafting behind a semi. The video on the link is around 4 minutes long and did not appear on their show. Now, before you get any ideas I'll remind you of what they always say on their show: do not try this yourself, they are professionals. Still, how cool would it be to have their job?


Noah said...

I love mythbusters.

I drafted a not-that-stinky deffenbaugh (garbage) truck for about 2 miles on Southwest Boulevard last night. It took forever to get up to speed, but I enjoyed riding along at a seemingly effortless 32 MPH clip for those few miles. I wasn't mere inches from the truck as shown in the photo, but I was within a few feet. I rode to the far right so that I had a bail out option if the driver had to make a sudden stop. I also had enough view of the ground under the truck to avoid manhole covers and other hazards on the road.

Fritz said...

"It sounds like the myth is plausible!" Myth? That's like testing the "myth" that the sky is blue.

I like to draft behind minivans and SUVs. Trucks tend to kick up too much road grit.