Thursday, July 19, 2007

One Year

Temperature at departure = 76° F (24° C)

Today marks the one year anniversary of this blog. To those of you who check in occasionally, thanks. To those of you who comment, I appreciate your taking the time; it means a lot to me.

I actually had been blogging for about a year before I started this one, but that blog was on a corporate site and after an acquisition the server that held all those posts went away, never to return. I know I should have backed my work up, but as we say in Kansas -- "Sailor Vee." It's a shame, really; those posts were so much more witty and entertaining. I mean "Dave Barry watch out" kind of funny ... but, sadly, the world will never know.

Anyway, I will endeavor to persevere, so please keep checking back.



Noah said...

Congrats! One of my blogs will be a year old in 10 days, but it was just a goofy place for me to post stuff that I was using static pages for before. I haven't posted anything to it in 7 months.

My daily bicycling blog is barely 7 months old itself. One could say I pretty much gave up on the old blog when I started KC Bike Commuting. It's been fun. I hope I have what it takes to keep it up for years to come.

Fritz said...

Congrats to you Mr. T! and Happy Birthday to your blog.

I like Noah's blog too. Keep up the good work.

the old bag said...


Anonymous said...

If you still have the old address, you may be able to access those old blog posts on the Wayback Machine Internet Archive:
You'd be amazed by what they have there.

Kiril The Cycling Dude said...


Speaking as an Elder Statesmen of the BikeBloggerSphere ( 4 1/2 years! ), the 1st year is the hardest...

It only gets easier as time goes on.

Now, let me go add you to my Blogroll.