Monday, December 04, 2006

Tired of the snow

Man I feel guilty not riding my bike to work today. 23° F (-5° C) right now in Overland Park, but the temperature wasn't the determining factor, it's the traffic -- the roads still aren't very clear after the big snow last week and I don't want to anger the drivers in already narrow lanes. So on my way to dropping off my youngest at school and rolling my eyes at the traffic snarl of others dropping off their children, I noticed another bike commuter merrily pedaling along. Nice rig and I was a bit jealous. Didn't last long though when I saw the conditions of the part of the path I would have been on (which hadn't been cleared) and the roads where a third of the right-hand lane was filled with piles of snow from the snow plows. Anyway, should get up to 38° today and melt some of the stuff away; so I'm trying it tomorrow.

After two snow days last week and two days off the week before, home with the kids, I was ready to be back in the office. We got to eat at the Plaza III Saturday night for my office party and with the snow on the ground, the Plaza was beautiful.

I even got to try the official version of Plaza III Steak Soup. My wife has a recipe for the soup that was passed down to her from her mom and we make it often for "Soup Sunday" (during the Fall and Winter we do soup for our after-church meal - a little family tradition we started several years back). The first bite was interesting, tastes exactly like what we make. If I get ambitious today I'll type it up and have it available.

Anyway, hope to be back in the saddle tomorrow.

Thanks to Kansas Explorer for the public use photo from his flickr site.

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