Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Temperature at departure = 21° F (-6° C)

New record low temperature for my ride with the previous low of 25°. I added long john bottoms today and stayed toasty warm the whole ride in. The only thing that got a little chilly was my face for the first mile and a half.

I met a guy out walking that I always seem to run into just as I'm getting on the bike path. He looked at me this morning and asked "You joining the circus?" I said I almost felt like it today. He simply chuckled and said "It's going to take an acrobat..."

I quickly found out what he meant; a good deal of the path was ice that people have been walking on which has refrozen into 3 or 4 inch jagged peaks around their foot prints. Also, there were several areas where there was just a large patch of smooth ice. I'll be honest, I had a blast. Once off the path and back on the roads, things went very smoothly. I'd almost say people are paying more attention and giving you more room because, well, they think you must be a side show freak or an idiot who should be watched carefully and avoided at all costs. Works for me.

So, acrobat, side show freak or clown, take your pick. I made it to the big top so let the show begin.

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