Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pregnant Pause

Temperature at departure = 45° F (7° C)

I had almost forgotten about Friday's incident until we waved at each other this morning. Granted, it had been an incredibly stressful weekend which included taking my dad to the ER, having him in ICU for a day, a plumbing repair I was trying to effect which was interrupted by my daughter calling to say her car was stuck in the center lane of five west-bound lanes in the middle of the post Chief's game traffic... I digress.

One of my sons decided he was going over to a friend's house and was riding his bike. Now, although it was in the teens in the morning, the cold front had passed and the temperature was in the 30's. He hit an ice patch wrong and took a spill. One of our neighbors, who is as sweet a person as you'd ever meet, happened to be driving by at the time and offered to take him home so he could put some ice on his leg and have some hot chocolate. [I hesitate to mention her lovely daughters because they may or may not have anything to do with his agreeing to go...]

So they tried to call me at work, but I was on the phone helping a customer with five radio stations off the air. They then called my wife to explain what was going on and that he was fine. The neighbor was concerned that we'd allowed him to ride his bike in this kind of weather... My wife explained that she couldn't leave her job site but if my son needed me to come home I could, she then told our neighbor "it will take a half hour since he rides his bike to work."

Tick, tick, tick. And there it is -- she delivered a plump healthy baby "Oh..."

Public photo courtesy of JIGGS at flickr


Tim said...

Good story. My son's school nurse called my office one day last winter when he got sick. I told her I'd be there in about an hour after I rode home to get a car.

There's was a pregnant pause that day, too.

Fritz M said...

Yeah, the suggestions that you're an abusive parent because you allow your children to ride a bike *gasp!* are a bit annoying.

Cool photo.