Friday, December 08, 2006

Stalactite or Stalagmite?

Temperature at departure = 13° F (-11° C)

Last night my youngest boy was bragging about how his was the only bike in the bike rack yesterday. We had our Tim Allen grunt moment and exclaimed to all within hearing distance (his 13 year old brother and the two dogs) that we are indeed tough and rugged. So this morning I had two boys accompanying me on the morning commute...

I do have something new to look out for on the ride home -- icicles! I narrowly missed one hitting me in the face as I rode under a bridge this morning. With temperatures the way they are I'm sure it will be there as I ride home in the dark. Some new excitement.

I did the plastic bag over the toes thing I mentioned yesterday and it seems to have helped a bit. Next time it is in the low teens or below I'll just add another pair of socks and have the plastic layer in the middle.


Urban Commuter said...

brrrr -11! Very rugged! Is there much ice on the roads to look out for, where you are?

Warren T said...

I'm in the Kansas City area and yes we get ice storms a couple times a year but this last one melted off after about 3 or 4 days when the temperatures rose back above freezing. Actually got pretty warm with temperatures up around 15° C. Strange weather. Saturday we got close to 21° C and then Sunday the high was 7°.

I just stay off the bike when it is raining, icing or snowing ... so perhaps I'm not that rugged

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