Sunday, December 24, 2006

A Naughty Picture Of Me

Well, what were you expecting?

Actually, I don't think that really counted as my being naughty as much as just starting down a clumsy path. Still, our Christmas trees have certainly changed over the years.

I was talking to Dad about Christmas lights a couple weeks back and he told me how the huge treat for him when he was a boy was the Christmas Tree at church. He says they would light candles and clip them to the tree with special holders and then the tree was hoisted up to the rafters with a rope. Dad said he'd just sit there and marvel as the tree would rotate around. [He also mentioned that there were two men sitting in the back of church with a couple buckets of sand; just in case...]

How things have changed since the early 20's when he was a little boy. For him, simple candles were the special effects. For me it was tinsel and those big bulbs - and then, later, those alluminum trees with the color wheels were all the rage. Now our kids see computerized light shows to Mannheim Steamroller music. Same with Sunday School I guess as the Flannelgraph was the high tech media I started out with before going big time with filmstrips. Now our kids get videos, powerpoint presentations and more. I'm going to have my dad talk to my kids about what his Sunday School was like when we get together in the morning. In the mean time, Merry Christmas.

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