Tuesday, November 28, 2006

That's an interesting stripe

Temperature at departure = 60° F (16° C)

Seriously, 60° in the morning on November 28th. I wish it would last -- but tomorrow it is supposed to drop to below freezing for my commute home. Back to Winter. I did get to battle wet roads and sprinkles on the way in that the weather dudes said were gone for the day. I wonder how tough it is to get a gig as a weather person? I mean, all they appear to do is guess for a living (and not get too much guff if they're wrong) and if they are having a rough time coming up with a good guess they can just go to the Weather Channel or a host of other sites and change the numbers by a degree or two and call it a day... Then, I suppose, they have the grade school appearances with Fluffy the Weather Poodle and the PowerPoint presentation on cumulonimbus clouds.

And see, there is plenty of material right there on wikipedia (thanks for the picture). Sweet job if you can get it.

What did this morning's ride teach me? I need to get some fenders. Okay, they're now on my Christmas list.

And in the One Bad Apple Department: "The city of Yakima has received complaints about an inconsiderate bicyclist on one of its park pathways, and to deal with the situation it is preparing to adopt an ordinance that most likely won't be enforced." So, quick reminder: play nice.

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