Thursday, November 09, 2006


Temperature at departure = 55° F (13° C)

This is a shot of my entrance to the first slice of the Overland Park bike path I use on the commute home. I took a shot using only my bike headlight but it was completely dark -- so this one is using a flash. Still, you can get the idea that it is pretty dark and closed in.

At least I finally got a good night’s sleep last night. For several nights I’d been waking up progressively earlier each night; I figured a couple more nights like that and I’d be getting up before I went to bed. I knew it was bad yesterday when I realized at one point in my ride that I couldn’t remember anything about the previous mile. Nothing. It was a blank. Later in the morning I felt under my chin and realized that I’d missed a big V shaped spot while shaving that morning. Then I thought: “I don’t remember shaving this morning…” Scary. Anyway, a really good night sleep always makes me a bit sluggish so I going to grab a cup of coffee.

But, before I go, I noticed yesterday that Cycleicious had a link to a bike haiku -- so in a lame attempt to get his attention if he stops by again:

Blinking lights are on
I pedal into the night
Drivers, please see me

I'll leave you with one last thought; if a traveling bicycle salesman could only be described in one word, would you call him a pedaler or peddler?


Fritz said...

Very nice Haiku!

Fritz said...

whoa, I didn't notice the character count. Yep, definitely bonus points for sure!

willow naeco said...

If you titled the biku, I would like to print it in an issue of The Derailleur, a free zine passed out at Chicago Critical Mass rides. TheDerailleur at gmail dot com.

Warren T said...

Cool! How about Night Plea ?