Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Shocking Revelations

Temperature at departure = 39° F (4° C)

Magical Red Tape Ineffective in Healing Signals

Overland Park, KS -- City workers were surprised to find that recent attempts to heal the crosswalk signals at 110th and Metcalf had failed. The newly acquired "Magical Red Tape" had been placed on not only the crosswalk buttons, but the signals themselves. "Yeah, we're scratching our heads over this one," commented a worker who wished to remain anonymous "the guy we bought it from said it should work." When asked how they'd come up with the idea for applying the tape, the unnamed source said "At budget time they had funds for either Magical Beans - or - the red tape; they decided on the tape. Live and learn, I guess." Local residents are encouraged to direct "possitive thoughts" towards the buttons, specifically, to see if that does anything...

Okay, seriously, yesterday morning I got to the crosswalk and found this red tape on the buttons and signals. I crossed when the signal would normally have lit up. Once I got into the office I called the city offices and was quickly directed to Jay M who heads up the department that handles the signals, his office had not been notified of the problem. Within an hour or two, he had talked with their signal specialist who trouble shot the problem and scheduled the signals to be fixed this morning. He called me back and left a great message with a lot of detail. I would officially like to say that Jay M in the Public Works office ROCKS! Thank you Jay. I really appreciated your quick action and follow up.

In other news, 10 year old boys invited over to help rake leaves will quickly find something else to do...

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