Monday, November 06, 2006

More trails for OPKS

Temperature at departure = °51F (11° C) Misty this morning. Startled another deer - but at least I could see it well in advance this morning.

Overland Park master plan provides more trails north

I was happy to see that they're planning on adding more trails to my area, but then the line "which could take more than 20 years to complete" hit me in the face. Still, at least there IS a plan. Perhaps with a little more involvement from the cycling community, more people can get interested in cycling and increase the priority level a bit. Or, I could take advantage of what others have said is my resemblance to the mayor and push things along. [Reminds me, I need to rent MI3]

Now, if they would only get the "Temporary Path" over 435 finished that they said would be ready in August, no, mid-September, uh wait, October, no, strike that, November... I've been trying to e-mail the contact from the Parks and Rec. department who said "Feel free to contact me anytime for an update" but am not getting any replies. I may take Emril's advice and "bump it up a notch."

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