Monday, November 13, 2006

Could've danced all night

Temperature at departure = 42° F (6° C)

Nice weekend but no biking. Katie and I won the dance contest at the Daddy/Daughter Dance on Friday night. We had a really nice time. A student called me Saturday and interviewed me for the school paper asking why we went, what was our favorite part, etc. I told her we've been going to father/daughter dances since Girl Scouts in grade school and wouldn't have missed it. Favorite part - getting to spend some time with my daughter without her four brothers being around. I don't want to even thing about next year's dance being the last one...

So, Malta has a program where you can park your car and use a bike for free ... nobody's using it.

And for Fritz:

What can cure it's pride?
Wild Turkey blocking my path -
Webber Grill, four hours.

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