Monday, November 20, 2006

Parental Rights

Temperature at departure = 25° F (-4° C)

Nice to be back on the bike; even had the just right combination of layers to make the ride comfortable.

I recently wrote about Katie's and my evening at the Dad/Daughter Dance. I think it is not only a right, but it is a parent's duty to occasionally embarrass their children. Well, mission accomplished...

Actually, as proof that there is no such thing as bad press; Katie says that she got a lot of compliments on the article and other students have been telling her they thought she has a "fun dad." In any event, the gal that was taking the pictures was following us around for quite a while and we were teasing her and tangoed towards her making faces. Yeah, not a great plan in retrospect. One of her anonymous friends even blew the photo up and had it framed for her in a nice frame that says "Family." Fortunately, Katie thinks it is all pretty funny. Still, perhaps if some guy asks her out that she would prefer not to date -- she can just show them this picture.

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