Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Snacked up and ready for the day

Temperature at departure = 49° F (9° C)

I took the extended bike path route this morning and left early so I could catch the Bike to Work Week event at the fire station at 138th and Switzer. Mine was the only bike there when I rolled in; granted, I was there around 8:00 and it was to end at 8:30. I checked the list and there were ~10 names -- not bad since this is the first year they've had an event here.

That's Kelly, the organizer of this event. Kelly is a great guy for a number of reasons:

  • He is a firefighter, so he risks his lives for those of us in Overland Park.

  • He is a cyclist.

  • He hosted this event.

  • He put up with my incessant yammering.

  • He brought chocolate milk.

  • If this were England, he would be knighted. Seriously, thanks for putting this on for us. It was appreciated. I hope to see some other bikers at tomorrow and Friday's events.

    On the way in this morning I counted 5 other bike commuters. Okay, I rode an extra 18 miles, but these 5 were the first other commuters I've seen this week, so they still count.

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