Friday, May 09, 2008


Temperature at departure = 56° F (13° C)

I have come to the conclusion that when there is a question as to whether or not it is going to be raining during my commute, I will listen to the local meteorologists predictions and assume the opposite will occur.

Three rides within the last week have proved the point. Two days (including today) we were told the rain was over and it came back in the middle of my ride. One day they said there was an 80% chance of rain so I rode and it was dry the whole day. Like I said last Friday, riding in light rain isn't that bad, but I need to get some appropriate gear.


dvicci said...

I had extra far to go today, due to dropping the car off at the shop. The rain let up a bit about mid ride, but then kicked back in about two miles from work. Of course, it was accompanied by a headwind.

As for gear, I wear loose fitting sleeveless mesh and bike shorts. Let the rain come!

Noah said...

Had a 14 mile ride in the rain. It was all good until that last manhole cover snuck on me. Bike slid out from under me, then I had to go buy some road-rash care goodies from CVS before work.

Smudgemo said...

Just carry a rain cape. They are easy to stash and don't weigh much.

Then all you need is a dry pair of shoes and socks at work because (assuming you have fenders) the only part of your pants that get wet is below the knee, and that's not bad to wear until dry.

Fritz said...

I saw the title to your post and I somehow read that as "Aqualung" and immediately the Jethro Tull tune sprung to mind. Aqualung my friend, don't you start away uneasy. You poor old sod you see it's only me.