Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mini Vacation

Temperature at departure = 57° F (14° C)

I'd mentioned before that there was a strong possibility that they'd be re-routing bike traffic on the Indian Creek Bike Trail due to a closure between Foxhill North and South parks. Rode the detour this morning.

Here is the corner by Suburban Lawn and Garden where you hop on the sidewalk on the east side of Roe.

Below you'll see the second of three stops you'll have to make -- this one is the 435 off ramp where it is wise to watch the four lanes of traffic that are eager to be on their way and aren't used to seeing bikes here.

The pedestrian bridge over 435 was unsettling. It is narrow and the chain link didn't do much to convince me that the 8 lanes of traffic speeding by underneath me weren't more than a mis-step away. Truth be told, it was a little new excitement for the commute.

I figured I owed myself a nice ride in today after my daughter's graduation last night. Took a modified long route and didn't bother tracking my average MPH or how far along I was. I don't know that I'll ride it again -- the stretch along Antioch from 139th to 123rd was busy with grumpy drivers. I rode in traffic for a while and then submitted myself to the sidewalk for the remainder of that section. All in all a very fun ride this morning. Some people take vacations to have this kind of fun. I just leave for work a little earlier and take a mini vacation on the way to the office.


Noah said...

Hey, you found my pedestrian bridge

the old bag said...

On the days I commute, I see my day as just one big ride with a bit of a break in the middle.