Thursday, December 13, 2007

Much Ado About...

...well, I don't want to say "Nothing" because there is still ice in the trees. That said, the roads have been very drivable any time I've been out. Darned TV forecasters with their fancy toys that create brightly colored pictures of mist that looks like the storm of the century. I swear that every little rain shower that comes into town is just an excuse for them to justify all the money the spent on the technology. [/rant]

So, why was I freaking out so badly? After 3 months in the hospital and rehab hospitals my dad was released to go home. Originally scheduled for Tuesday, I had moved the release date back to Wednesday figuring we'd miss the big event. Turns out Tuesday would have been better than yesterday. But I was pretty stressed about getting someone out in any kind of bad conditions when they'd been laid up for 3 months because of a fall.

I got him home yesterday and spent the night at Dad's. Today and tonight my brothers taking a turn. I'm pretty sure Dad is just ready to have some time to himself.

Now, where is my coffee?

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SiouxGeonz said...

You can't plow a forecast :)
We've been spared most, also. 'Cept we don't know what the next wave will be; probably all snow but unknown quantities in central Illinois.
Here's to keeping the electricity going!