Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ice Storm, Round One: Draw

When I woke up and checked the local stations I found that 1) we still had electricity and 2) it wasn't nearly as bad as we'd expected.

Temperatures are hovering at 32° so the rain we're getting right now is dripping off the ice that is already on the power lines and tree branches. Roads have been treated so they are slushy, but passable. Still, if I'm given the chance to work from home I'm taking it. So today I am not commuting by bike, I am commuting by slippers.

Two more waves of rain and freezing rain on the way. The temperatures should remain just at the freezing mark until they start to drop at 4 p.m. Then the fun begins again. In the picture above you can see the little Pin Oak that still has leaves -- branches drooping to the ground. There are huge Pin Oaks out back with all their leaves and branches drooping over the power lines, that could be the issue later.


karen said...

I miss my bicycle. Already. And it's only been since Friday. Unless it warms up, it will be a while.

karen said...

Oops. I mean since last Wednesday. See what happens when I can't ride my bicycle?!