Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Birdman or Birds?

Temperature at departure this morning = 81° F (27° C)
Temperature at departure yesterday evening = 100° F (38° C)

So I was going to go with this one...

I'd just turned right off 103rd when I noticed a robin on the curb to my right, eating a bug. The thing must be part squirrel as it started to fly away from me, changed its mind and flew under me somehow shooting the gap between my pedals and back wheel. Nothing like a little shot of adrenalin to start the morning.

Flash forward 5 minutes and 1 mile. I rode through the tunnel under Antioch at my normal 12 MPH preparing for the sharp right turn at the end of the tunnel. As I exit the tunnel I enter a flock of what must have been close to 100 sparrows. They scattered and I rode in the middle of the frightened flock for a few seconds. I said that there was nothing like a LITTLE shot of adrenalin... So, I've decided the picture of the day should be:

...although I prefer the "Birds" sceen from Mel Brooks' High Anxiety...

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Fritz said...

Alfred Hitchcock lived in Scotts Valley, CA where I live now. His inspiration for "The Birds" was an infestation of migratory sea birds that went berserk in Santa Cruz in 1961.

Toxins are the supposed explanation for the strange behavior, but note this is also when the Grateful Dead and other psychedelic rock bands were getting their start at "The Barn" in Scotts Valley. Those birds must have gotten hold of some bad acid.