Monday, August 27, 2007

Bike Path Follow-up

Here is a follow up to last weeks post about the Indian & Tomahawk Creek Trails. Since the note I got mentioned that they still needed to put up some fencing and do some seeding, I figured I'd check out the actual status of the path. Here you'll see one of the areas that I assume they'll seed.

There is a sign, going one direction, with this warning:

There are only a few spots where dirt and gravel cover the path; wasn't really a problem. I encountered a number of cyclists out for a ride on this section of the path.

They've got posts up for the fencing and for good reason as the side of the path drops abruptly.

Now, the Metcalf detour. Heading west you'll see the section of pavement that joins the path to the sidewalk on the left and the part of the path that is closed on the right.

Here is the challenging part.

The crosswalk signs are covered so you just cross with the green light. I encountered a couple problems here on a couple different rides this weekend:

  1. The people that want to turn right are not going to be looking for you.
  2. Sunday, a guy heading south pulled up about even with the bumper of the gray car pictured above, completely blocking the crosswalk and forcing me out around the cones and into traffic. I gave him my best passive-aggressive eye roll so he, hopefully, will be a little more careful next time...

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A Midnight Rider said...

I just recently learned that the federal government decided to finance bike paths during the oil crunch of 1976.

Even with all the NIMBY fights, taking 30 years to get these done is a long time. Now we have the DOT saying bikes are not a legitimate means of transportation.