Friday, May 04, 2007

Wild Ride

Temperature at departure = 62° F (17° C)

It is Bike to Work Month and here is another reason why I choose to ride my bike rather than drive: wildlife.

I find it odd that after spending 3 days camping out with Boy Scouts and 3 days in the outdoors with the fifth-graders, I had to get back on my bike and ride to work to see some wildlife. Granted, over the six days with several hikes through the woods we did see the remains of a deer that had been taken down by something (probably coyote) along with a handful of turtles and squirrels -- not much else to report.

This morning I came into fairly close contact with the following:

...along with others that I've forgotten to note.

Not bad.


Fritz said...

This morning I saw Rams, Impalas, some Beetles, a few Tauruses (Tauri?) and Mustangs and even a Jaguar! No Cougars or Spyders today, though.

Anonymous said...

I saw a fox carrying a rabbit breakfast on my bike ride in at about 105'th on Lamar.