Thursday, May 17, 2007

Good Morning Mr. Murphy

Temperature at departure = 55° F (13° C)

What a beautiful morning. Sunny skies, no gusty winds and the temperature was cool but not cold. I had ridden 4.8 miles (7.7 k) and had seen no one on the trail. NO ONE; not one cyclist and, even odder, no pedestrians. I was reflecting on how strange that was when I noticed ahead that a young mother with a toddler on a bike with training wheels and a puppy on a leash had stopped to talk to another young mother headed the other way with a baby in a stroller and approaching them from behind was an elderly couple we all met up at the same point at the exact same moment. We had a brief chuckle, said good morning and the elderly couple and I moved on. After that the flood gates were opened for pedestrians as I met ~5 others before making it to the office.


jeff said...

Hey Warren--

I've got a buddy who's interested in riding to work; he's wondering if the Indian Creek Trail is open again. I come from the other direction and am not familiar with the trail. I know you're on it part of your way.

He thought it was closed near the Brookridge golf course. Any idea if it's open again?


Warren T said...

Jeff, yep, they opened up the tunnel under Antioch back in January and there is a "detour" on the sidewalk along Antioch, over 435, that hooks up both sides of the trail. I ride it every morning and afternoon. He can expect a couple yards of gravel on either side of the bridge, but it is pretty smoothed out by now.

I think he'll enjoy the ride.

Jeff said...

Thanks! I've passed the info along. He was happy to hear it.