Monday, February 23, 2009


Temperature at departure = 24° F (-4° C)

It was an uneventful commute into the office this morning. That isn't a bad thing... Still, I'm looking forward to warmer temperatures and some green. The landscape has been the same dull yellow/brown for way too long.

Saturday's ride was a bit strange. The temperature hovered around freezing and since CAT and the kids were all off doing other things, my 6 mile roundtrip ride to the library turned into a 20 mile ride to check out the Leawood side of the Indian Creek Trail.

It was nice to see that they're clearing out a lot of the scrub brush along the creek.

The most surreal part of the trip was my loop around Leawood Park. This place is normally packed with people in nice weather and you would expect to see some people out even when it is cold. There was no one else there. Weird.

Heading back towards home I decided to see how serious they were about the trail being closed the the north of I-435. Yep, they're still serious.

It was nice to have the trail to myself. Spring, with its dog walkers, joggers and other cyclists will come soon enough. Until then I will keep bundling up and blazing trails.

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